Men's Merino Pullover



This 100% Merino Pullover is manufactured using modern Whole Garment manufacturing processes, where each garment is knitted in a complete piece, thus eliminating seams, which makes the garment even more comfortable to wear. Fabric weight: 270gsm.

This Pullover is designed for IV access in both arms, as well as upper-body/Portacath access on either side of the chest.

The arm zips open from the middle, enabling wide or narrow access thus adding to warmth and comfort during treatment.

Can-Do garments are designed to be comfortable to wear, without restricting movement, and our sizes reflect that need.

Body Length73cm76cm79cm82cm85cm
Chest Width48cm52cm56cm60cm64cm
Waist Width48cm52cm56cm60cm64cm
Sleeve Length60cm62cm64cm66cm68cm
SKU: 10000-23

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