Garments Created with Love

to support those going through cancer treatment

With a Can Do attitude, we can get through this

The Can Do garment range has been created to give cancer patients (and others undergoing infusion treatments) clothing that maintains their dignity during their treatment, while keeping them warm and comfortable. 

Our garments are stylish and treatment-friendly, and made locally (Tauranga, NZ).

Most of our garments are Merino, with Cotton knitted on the inside. Not only does this mean the garments are soft to wear, they also mitigate possible wool allergies with the Cotton being closest to the skin.

We have a range of colours (mostly bright and cheerful!) and our zips are double-ended to enable small or large access points.

All garments have IV and PICC access on both sleeves, and we manufacture garments that separately offer access for Portacath, breast and upper-body treatments.

100% Cotton garments are also available.

Why we do what we CAN DO

A close friend and Internationally successfully wine maker gave us an idea about clothing that was practical, warm and retained the dignity of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

We needed to come up with garments that would allow access to treatment points in various cancer treatment procedures, without the patient having to remove the garment. It also needed to be warm and comfortable to wear.

During his treatment our friend trialled our first design – and loved it!

Courageous, positive and always thinking of others during his battle, our friend passed away in November 2019 and is missed terribly by his family and huge circle of friends.

Can Do was created as a garment range to give cancer patients (and others undergoing infusion treatments) something nice to wear that ticks all the boxes that our friend, and other garment triallists created for us.

Contact Us

For more information on our garments and trials, please get in touch:

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Our Promise

Can Do has established a close relationship with the Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust. Our intention in the longer-term is to provide funding to the Trust from a proportion of profit on sales, to assist the Trust in their incredible life-saving research activities.

Our Can Do concept, philosophy and range is fully endorsed by the Trust.